About Us

Cosecha Farming is a small family run operation with three distinct elements. We have a small organic fruit, flower, and produce farm for the SBC famers market. We also provide vineyard care and management for a handful of premium, organically farmed wine grape vineyards in Sta. Rita Hills and Los Olivos District AVA’s. And we raise a variety of animals for eggs, ranch raised meat, and animal integration within our farms and vineyards.

We began our farming adventures while in college. We spent our summer breaks working on an organic produce farm along the Klammath River in northern California. We were also developing a love for wine production, wine growing, and wine sales. Chris spent most of the next decade in wine production, and Deanna in retail wine sales. The love for growing things always stayed with us, and in 2007 Chris left wine production to plant Domaine de la Cote vineyard. Deanna left retail wine sales in 2010 when we had our son Christopher. Through this time we always had a huge personal garden, and way too many farm animals. In 2017 we took the leap and lease some farmland, and applied to participate in the Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market. We are continuously adding variety to our market stand. While we don’t grow very much volume, we have a huge diversity, and we strive to provide the highest quality products grown in a conscientious way.


If you ever get the chance to visit our stand at the Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market you will understand what a unique farm we are. Our selection of produce and fruit are seasonal and most items are externally limited. However there are a few items we can provide for online purchasing and picking up at the Saturday SBCF market which can make life easier. Enjoy the diversity and come back often to see whats new in stock in the shop.

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