Our agriculture practice is evolving, but at the root of it we believe in diversity, harmony and organic farming. We’ve adopted no till practices, cover crop and animal integration.

Cosecha Farming leases 4 acres of land, on three different properties along the Santa Ynez River on Santa Rosa Road. These different parcels create a unique opportunity to diversify what we grow. All located within a few miles of each other, collectively they represent this magical part of the Santa Ynez Valley.

Robert Rae Ranch - This is where our orchard, grapes and berries live. Located on the top of the Santa Rita Hills Range, the views are amazing. The Patterson family has created a hill top oasis, with a diversity of crops grown on the property, which is also is the home of ‘Martha’s Animal Sanctuary’.

Three Dreamers Farmstand - This is our home base where most of our flowers, animals and seasonal produce can receive crop rotation and our constant attention. We are blessed to create our own unique pallet of edible landscape and we pack a lot into a small space. The sister property next door offers an outstanding AirBnB where you can enjoy sights and sounds of our working farm.

Santa Rosa Road Ranch - The Edalatpour family are amazing stewards of the land growing organic Walnuts and Olives for over a decade. When asked we couldn’t pass the opportunity to take on the farming this established olive orchard. A blend of three Italian olive varietals the oil is amazing.


If you ever get the chance to visit our stand at the Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market you will understand what a unique farm we are. Our selection of produce and fruit are seasonal and most items are externally limited. However there are a few items we can provide for online purchasing and picking up at the Saturday SBCF market which can make life easier. Enjoy the diversity and come back often to see whats new in stock in the shop.

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